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Dismas Trading Srl. represents Byelorussian Steel Works on the italian market for the sales of pipes, nails, round bars, wire and other Byelorussian steel product.

Dismas follows its clients in all the stages of the business, from the inquiry till the delivery of the material and during these years, focusing on the quality of the services and products, Dismas Trading Srl. has estabilished good business relationships with some major players in the Italian steel market.


logo rmzRechitsa Metizny Plant was one of the first Byelorussian Steel Works, established in 1912 as a nails and wire manufacturer. After more than 100 years, today it is leader in all European Countries in nails and wire manufacturing.



logo bmzByelorussian Steel Works is built on four main production facilities connected by a single processing chain, namely: steel melting, rolling, steel cord and wire production and pipe-rolling. The plant also includes number of auxiliary divisions and an administrative division. High-tech development and manufacturing are their main focus, including safety and health control system.



logo mmzEstablished in 1932 as a tube-casting plant, Mogilev Metallurgical Works played a central role in Byelorussian Republic history after World War II economic upturn. MMZ is the major manufacturer of pipes in Byelorussia. Its production includes chilled iron shot and grit and iron casting.



logo legmashComposed by a line of production facilities for automotive, molds and cast iron, steel and e non-ferrous metals. With its great experience Legmash can build up steel elements weighting up to 500 tons.